“Life Lessons”

Opening November 15th, 2019

About “Life Lessons”

“Come share a fleeting moment with Peel!”

This original musical explores the journey of life where the people we meet change, alter and assist us to navigate our own roads. People come into our lives for a reason!

Created and written by Peter O’Neill and Claire Stanley, the musical is inspired by the creators’ own life experiences. This heartwarming work tells the story of Ray, Regan, Lizzie and Marlene. We see how they live, love and grieve! It is a piece about family and what that looks like in 2019! This new musical is a celebration of life and diversity! It’s about those fleeting moments that we share!

The production is Directed by Peter O’Neill and features Kelly B Jones, James Laver, Neil Anthony Rusia, Claire Stanley and Thiptawan Uchai with Production Design by Kochawan Chayawan and Sound Design by Surasak Kerdsin.